About Us and Puerto Rico

Jerry getting ready with his van

My name is Jerry. I am so very happy that you have taken the time to get to know a little bit more about me! I was born in New Jersey. My mother is a catholic Puerto Rican, born on the island of Puerto Rico. My father is a Jewish American, born in Brooklyn, New York. I lived in upstate New York until I was 11 years old. By the age of 12-13, I was already living in Puerto Rico. I went to college for two years here in Puerto Rico and for another two years in upstate New York.

I had come on vacation one day to visit my family here on the island and a job opportunity came up so I took it. Following the next eight years, I became the food and beverage manager for restaurants and hotels here in Puerto Rico.

After that, I went back to school and became a certified personal trainer. Which I did for about 10 years. After all of that, I became what I am today, a licensed tour guide! I loved all my other jobs, however, there is something about being a tour guide, showing people the island, the history, the adventures, that brings me so much joy and fulfillment!

You have to see and hear it for yourself. It really is something else! So I encourage you to give me a call so together we can set up an unforgettable adventure. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Here’s how to contact me.