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San Juan Done Right! – Walking Tour

Quick Details

What to Expect

This San Juan Done Right! is a walking tour. This structure provides you an all-encompassing (3 hour) detailed experience of the city interior with complimentary pick-ups and drop-offs included.

What to Bring

We advise you wear comfortable shoes (no flip-flops), consider using sunblock, bring a hat or baseball cap and bring along water to stay hydrated during this walk.


Experience a delightful ode to unmatched Old San Juan. With half a millennium of groundwork on hand, allow us the privilege of presenting you our history in the context of the New Worlds’ conquest. #SJDoneRight

Where and when does the tour start?

We provide complimentary pick-up and drop-off. Our interest is serving you and we therefore will contact you regarding the time and location. We ask that you are considerate of other guests. Please be there when we arrive at your scheduled pick-up. 

What we will do!

Your certified tour guide will reveal marvels in Old San Juan. Visit the old naval arsenal, continuing to Paseo de la Princesa (Princess Promenade) to enter old city through its historic San Juan Gate, believed standing since circa 1540. Once inside the old city, we will see Plazuela La Rogativa. Then go on to visit the Basilica Minor Cathedral San Juan Bautista, full of devotion, architecture, and art. Your guide will walk you through its history and mystique. Later learn about La Fortaleza, the official residence of Puerto Rico’s governor. Close by, take pictures of Christ Chapel, Pigeon Park, and La Casa Estrecha (the Narrowest House in the World). We will finish our tour stopping at Barrachina Restaurant, known as the place, that created the Piña Colada.

Additional interactions include:

  • San Juan Cathedral (1528) the first place of worship.
  • La Fortaleza (1533) the oldest seat of government still in continuous use in the Americas.
  • San Juan Gate (1540) built as the original waterside access door.
  • Christ Chapel (1753) erected in recognition of a miracle.
  • Old Navy Arsenal (1792) built to serve as a permanent station for the fleet entrusted with the naval defense of San Juan.
  • La Princesa (1837 – 1965) built as a jailhouse, today Puerto Rico’s Tourism Company HQ.
  • La Rogativa (1971) commemorates the townspeople for their defense of San Juan from an attack from the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1797.

We believe the insight gained from this experience will become invaluable to your understanding of us island dwellers’ idiosyncrasy. Our walking tour will end in the heart of old town and although we provide transportation back to your selected drop-off location, often our guests will stay in Old San Juan; for lunch, souvenir shopping, simply continue on with additional sightseeing. This is for you to decide.