Colors of San Juan Walking Tour


Colors of San Juan walking tour by Jerrys Adventures

Welcome to Puerto Rico! We are so happy that you have chosen us to be your Guides learning about our History. Even though our tour is structured and we will be visiting places that other tour guides do not go to. If you have a place of interest that you have heard about, please mention it at the beginning of your tour. If you are a single traveler or a last minute addition, PLEASE call us so we can get you on the tour. No matter how large or small the group, we will treat all of you as family.

What our 2.5 to 3 hours itinerary will look like:

Our starting point will be at Plaza Darsenas. On the corner of calle San Justo and Calle Comercio. Close to the pink building.

At Plaza Darsenas, where we go over our route, introductions, etc. 

These are the some of the points of interest that we will be seeing.

  • The old Citadel turned Museum.
  • Paseo la Princesa
  • The sound we miss when we leave Puerto Rico
  • Exploring the wall of old San Juan
  • La Puerta De San Juan
  • The San Juan Cathedral
  • El Convento Hotel (restroom break)
  • La Rogativa
  • Go to the highest point of Old San Juan. Where the castle is
  • School of Fine Arts building
  • The Institute of Culture
  • The white house/ Casa Blanca and its gardens (if open that day)
  • The Old Spanish Barracks

Before we part our ways, we will try our traditional coffee from a single origin source. Our coffee culture is something that we are known for, we will share a cup of coffee or refreshment together.

When the tour is over, I will walk you back to the Sheraton Hotel, so you can head back to your hotel or air bnb. Whoever would like recommendations for shops or restaurants, please ask, I will be happy to give you tons, once we have finished.