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El Yunque Rainforest; Hurricane Fiona Aftermath Adventure


This Adventures Does Not take you to El Yunque National Forest (which is closed for tours). However, to replace the rainforest, WE have an Amazing hike to a hidden waterfall. Which happens to be our version of el Yunque rainforest. Pick up time will be between 9:00 am and 10:00 am. Please have a good breakfast and go to the restroom before your pick up time. Pick up time will BE ON TIME!! Driving to our destination will be between 35 minutes too about 45 minutes. We will travel up into the mountains of Puerto Rico. THIS IS NOT A BEGINNERS HIKE, but on the same note, its not super impossible either. A breathtaking view of the island awaits. We will be on a TRUE hike; dirt, gravel, mud, rocks, trees etc… every natural thing you can think of taking us on our journey to a 130 foot natural rain water Waterfall! Swimming and getting under the waterfall is highly recommended. We will then proceed to a local restaurant (meal not included in price) located in the mountains of Puerto Rico. All of these things ARE NOT TOURIST AREAS. This is the Best selling tour to a waterfall on the island.