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Aguas Buenas Agricultural Paradise Tour

Quick Details

What to Expect

  • You get to see Puerto Rico, what it’s like, outside of the tourist area
  • Pick-up/drop-off at place of stay in San Juan/Isla Verde
  • Fully guided driving/walking tour of Puerto Rico
  • Bottles of water
  • Late lunch/early dinner of local cuisine (not included in price)

What to bring

  • Wear any type of shoe (walking sandals are fine)
  • Bathing suits and towels (just in case)
  • Suncreen
  • Cash or Visa/Mastercard (for lunch/dinner, etc…)

Between 1870 and 1950, agriculture was a big part of the island’s economy with crops such as sugarcane, coffee, plantains, bananas, and even cocoa. Unfortunately, farming has died to almost nothing over the last decade or so. We now import 80% of our food. While visiting this farm, we will be walking throughout the larger parts of the farm to learn about farming practices, from the seed to the final product, as well as reusing and recycling natural waste.

I can remember growing up in Puerto Rico and going to my grandmother’s home/farm and seeing all of those things that she did to eat, clean, and take care of her home and farm and supply her family. I will walk with you through the maze of trails on the farm showing you everything there is so you will come out knowing how it was growing up in Puerto Rico during the 30’s. My childhood will be brought to you in living color. When we are done at the farm I will then take you all to a special spot to take a dip in a wonderful natural pool to cool down before taking you a restaurant, located in the mountains to eat and enjoy some of the things that we saw at the farm but also to teach you about the food we have been eating here for over a century. (price of meal not included in price of tour)