Old San Juan – Cruise Ship Passengers

Perfect for Cruise Ship Passengers

Quick Details

Meeting Location

  • On the corner of calle San Justo and calle Comercio. We will meet at a place called plaza Darsenas. Where the pink building is located.

What to Expect

  • Fully guided walking tour of Old San Juan by a local! 
  • Visit to Old Town San Juan most iconic locations and insider local knowledge 


  • 2-3 Hours (can vary depending on your cruise ship schedule) 

What to Bring

  • Cash and Credit Cards (both) just in case you need them
  • Wear any type of comfortable walking shoes

Locations we will visit on our Tour

  • Plaza Darsena
  • Citadel turned Museum.
  • Paseo la Princesa, our First Lady Mayor
  • La Puerta de San Juan
  • Plaza de Armas (City Hall, Department of State)
  • Cafeteria Mallorco

Even though our tour is structured and we will be visiting places that other tour guides do not go to. If you have a place of interest that you have heard about, please mention it at the beginning of your tour.


My name is Naomi. It will be my pleasure to introduce you to my home. 

Our starting point will be on the corner of calle San Justo and calle Comercio. We will meet at a place called plaza Darsenas. Where the pink building is located.

From Plaza Darsenas, where we will go over our route, introductions, etc.

Our second stop will be an old Citadel turned Museum.

Making our way through Paseo la Princesa we will have a few stops to talk about botany, our first Lady Mayor and the sound we miss the most when we leave Puerto Rico. After a while we will reach La Puerta de San Juan so you can begin exploring the city within the wall and experience how it must have been, coming into the city, centuries ago.

We will head up the street with one of my favorite views in the whole world… the Cathedral of San Juan. In La Catedral, we will spend some time so we can talk about things regarding or culture, our heritage and our history! When outside, we have an opportunity to visit El Convento (hotel), use the restrooms (if we need to) and see some details about its architecture.

Then, we’ll make quick stops at La Capilla del Cristo and Calle Fortaleza or how it was newly renamed, Calle Resistencia. After this, we’ll make our way to Plaza de Armas where you can see the City Hall, Department of State and the first ever department store on the island! We will sit for a bit with one of my favorite composers.

Last but definitely not least… one of my favorite things to do in Old San Juan.. getting a pastry. Yes! We will head to Cafeteria Mallorca to try a guava paste pastry or a traditional Mallorca and of course.. a cup of coffee so you can have a true local experience.

When the tour is over, I will walk you back to the Sheraton Hotel, so you can head back to your ship. Whoever would like recommendations for shops or restaurants, please ask, I will be happy to give you tons once we have finished.

If you are a single traveler or a last minute addition. PLEASE call us so we can get you on the tour. No matter how large or small the group, we will treat all of you as family. We will walk, learn, sight-see and have a great time, TOGETHER as a family.